Saturday, February 14, 2009

love day.

what's more to love than sharing a box of chocolates with greg on valentines morning, reconnecting with a dear friend after years and years, looking forward to other dear friends getting married this year, spending time being lazy with the grey faced pooches, meals made with love, or fingernails painted red? not much, I tell you. not much. lots of love these days around here. xxo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

two things.

dim sum this week-end helped me to realize two things and now that a few days have gone by along with the fogginess that comes along with eating too much dim sum I thought I would share.

first realization is that I would loooove to be laying on a hot sandy beach with my face shaded just right by a sunbrella while the rest of my body gets warmed by the sun. I would paint my toes, read my book and listen to the water. my feet along with the rest of my body would be so happy. but, mainly my feet, because they are SO cold these days despite the multiple sock layers and continued effort to warm them on greg once he falls asleep or sometimes when he is awake because he's sweet like that.

second, is that I am just so in love with the new lens that my mom so thoughtfully got me for my birthday. she is and always has been the best at getting me the best gifts ever. this lens competes with the purple radio & pretenders tape I received when I was 8. yes it does.

Friday, February 6, 2009

purple, just like an iris.

or maybe like the perfect accessory.

memphis blues.

a splash of green

here and there. you know. in memphis.

mellow yellow.

like a glowing beacon leading you to the best fried chicken ever. or maybe like a cozy room with a bed full of all kinds of feathery pillowness. either indulgence leads to some seriously happy relaxation.

orange you...

going to ride with me on a trolley, maybe to the jungle room?

cheers to red.

and cheers to daydreams of dancing in a vintage pink ballroom, eating oysters prepared in every way possible, and cheers to some red in memphis.

memphis in color...

and my top 5, in no particular order:

gus's world famous fried chicken,

dry rub ribs at rendevous with endless bottles of bbq sauce for dipping,

that sunset that I managed to miss with my camera,

graceland and sun studio,

and having the sweetest lady full of smile lines and love call me a precious angel and ask me to stay forever.