Friday, November 26, 2010


read while you wait
just a taste
i liked
birch beer
what do you do when you're in the middle of the country? you eat bbq and go thrift shopping. unfortunately, we had no time for thrift shopping while in st. louis for brian and kat's wedding back in october, but, we had time for pappy's smokehouse and it was sooooooooooo good. pappy's original sauce was so tasty so we brought 5 jars home to share with friends. wish I could have brought home the jukebox full of blues.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


happy thanksgiving!!!
so much to be thankful for...especially family, friends and good health! and knockered cranberries, of course.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

most thankful


for the loves of my life.

list number three...

of things i'm thankful for this fall:
hamburger baby,
i love
big fields of cabbage.
mum's kitchen
my little hamburger baby. served with a side of pickles and fries, natch.

spiderwebs. i love them. and spiders.

mild weather days. lots of them that keep the leaves hanging on to the trees for what seems like ever.

big fields of cabbage.

and, again with the food carts.

list number two...

of things I'm thankful for this fall:
his and hers
on mississippi
baby jeans.
cold sunny fall days that cater perfectly to our coffee loving hearts. his - iced and enjoyed in the sun. mine - hot and enjoyed in the shade.

watching people listen to records on mississippi. I especially love when people are careful and calculated with the records and placing the needle. I'm a lover of careful and calculated hand movements.

taking lincoln on his first flight above the clouds. and extra thankful that he slept for most of it.

warm breezy days. we had a lot of them this fall, which, prompted me to open up windows and doors and hang dry clothes all over the house. I also loved walking past said hanging clothes to get a whiff of the fresh laundry smell. am also loving stripes these days.

cheese. am thankful for cheese all year long really, but, we enjoyed some really good cheese this fall and had fun trying out some local cheeses.

hand me down baby jeans. they're just so so so cute.

list number one...

of things I'm thankful for this fall:
garden grown.
food carts
pumpkin patch
baby naps.
preserved foods. pickled especially. makes me giddy.

garden grown tomatoes. this year was the year of the tomato and lemon cucumber in
our garden, which, lends perfectly to my favorite garden fresh sandwich. sliced tomato, sliced lemon cucumber. salt and pepper and LOTS of mayo.

portland food carts. they're everywhere and they're the perfect eatery when equipped with crying baby.

sunflowers. also loved by bumble bees.

a warm day at the pumpkin patch to hand pick lincoln's first halloween pumpkins.

and peaceful little baby naps and the happy little squeals that follow.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

right now...

I could use a little time out. I think a little meditation is in order. Starting back to work this week went much better than expected, with the help of a 3 day part time schedule and a super great daycare. Nonetheless, I've been biting my nails and it needs to stop.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

today is a day for...


all things comforting.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

today i like

seoul bokeh
getting lost in this happy place.
finding out that I share the same birthday of this interesting person.
trying this bosnian food cart for lunch
hanging with the little mister.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

working on it

candis and lincoln
lyle's toys
I bought a new old camera, built myself an contraption out of duct tape and cardboard and got to it. we're a little rough around the edges and I look a little crazy shooting with this thing, but, I must admit this ttv business has me totally hooked and it's so worth all of the awkwardness.

oh...and it's national blog posting month --nablopomo-- so hopefully I can keep up.

Monday, November 1, 2010


little fabric boxes
my head was scattered all over the place today. on top of it, I had to make a trip to babies r us (second time in the store since the baby). I wouldn't recommend going to babies r us when ailed with a scattered head. it was a recipe for disaster. actually I wouldn't recommend going to babies r us at all. it is crazy overwhelming, they have a horrible return policy and their aisles are so full of little displays that it is very difficult to maneuver the cart around the store without drawing all sorts of unwanted attention. and now we have a jumperoo in our living room. but, lincoln loves it.