Wednesday, November 24, 2010

list number two...

of things I'm thankful for this fall:
his and hers
on mississippi
baby jeans.
cold sunny fall days that cater perfectly to our coffee loving hearts. his - iced and enjoyed in the sun. mine - hot and enjoyed in the shade.

watching people listen to records on mississippi. I especially love when people are careful and calculated with the records and placing the needle. I'm a lover of careful and calculated hand movements.

taking lincoln on his first flight above the clouds. and extra thankful that he slept for most of it.

warm breezy days. we had a lot of them this fall, which, prompted me to open up windows and doors and hang dry clothes all over the house. I also loved walking past said hanging clothes to get a whiff of the fresh laundry smell. am also loving stripes these days.

cheese. am thankful for cheese all year long really, but, we enjoyed some really good cheese this fall and had fun trying out some local cheeses.

hand me down baby jeans. they're just so so so cute.

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