Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it flies.

time. really. in so many ways and this time of year always for me. coincidental it must be...may be...but, it makes me anxious. it's bittersweet this time of year is for me. in the end, though, it's always good and spiritual and enlightening and inspiring. full of remembering and full of moving forward. not to mention am so delighted with the idea of the sun shining down on my daily life and i'm already loving the smell of the blooms and the leaves and the dry warm life in the air.

i admit i've been neglecting the blog and my camera...but, have been giving other pieces of my life some much needed attention and am loving the benefits of that. this can't last for much longer though, neglect that is. i have room for spending time capturing life through the lens and my feeble attempt at telling some kind of story to go along and i'm missing it just way too much. plus, i have a list to share.