Sunday, November 11, 2007

five good things about today.

  • breakfast. yum! consisted of two pieces of toasted multi-grain bread we picked up here and had left over from dinner last night. oooh...and a fresh brewed hot cup full or two of black coffee (I'm one of those individuals whose morning personality arrives in a mug, generally black and freshly brewed, although sometimes in the form of a hot frothy soy latte). my husband on the other hand has enough personality for the two of us no coffee needed. this makes for some interesting mornings. ;)

  • spent the greater part of the morning brainstorming with my love on where we should go on vacation over christmas break AND eventually managed to agree and share mutual excitement on where that is. decided location is currently on hold and pending flight confirmation but will be revealed soon.

  • enjoyed taking her for a walk:

  • made progress on building our holiday cards AND solidified my idea for the ornaments I will be making for the swap. VERY excited about this accomplishment!

  • still have some time left to bury my nose in my current reading, which, was listed as one of her favorites and given how fabulous miss hula is I decided to try it. I'm thrilled I did and that's why it's my #5 for today. good stuff!

I'm glad I put some effort into that little reflection....I felt like I spent too much time playing cat and mouse with the blaaah of today so definitely needed this.

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