Friday, November 23, 2007

Photobooth Friday

Not only am I now hooked on photobooth friday, I've also enlisted greg (my husband). I'm thrilled he's thrilled because we've had SO much fun in and around the photobooth. Of course, in total greg style, he first begins to talk about how he can make a business out of the photobooth and how we should have one for our house. He goes on to talk about how much a photobooth will cost and how he can market it to people for weddings and parties and so on and so on. All the while I'm sitting here thinking to myself, how on earth would you cart a photobooth around, does it come with a trailer? And, how do you maintain it and even find a cool photobooth for sale? I'm also thinking if we had a photobooth at home it might lose its magic...we wouldn't have the incentive to go downtown to the oh. so. cool. ace hotel and have a coffee drink and sit in the marvelous lobby and pretend like we're still in college and save our $1 bills and when it's finally time to jump in we might not have the excitement and butterflies like we're just about to get on a carnival ride. He loves to dream big in everything he does, which, is something I adore about him so I'm very careful to not rain on his big dreamy parades.

This was our first photobooth together (about a month ago)...tragic, I know. How could we have missed out on ALL of those photobooth moments in all of the fun cities we've lived and frequent - well, all the more reason for us to treasure them now and go back to the places we love. Anyway, we jumped in the photobooth without realizing that the chair height is adjustable (we figured this out after the second trip) and just went for it. Our dear friend, greg (#2), was visiting so he decided to pop in on the third frame...we're SO glad he did!

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