Sunday, December 9, 2007

oh christmas tree.

The house smells sooooooo good and I've had a healthy dose of jazz music and ornament therapy! I can't help but find things to do outside so I can come back in to discover the smell all over again. When I went away to college my mom helped me to separate and package up all of the ornaments I had received growing up. She even gave me one of her old "christmas" ornament storage boxes (just a plain cardboard box with "where in the world is carmen san diego" logo on the side). My mom loves to use and reuse and reuse again and again and I love that about her. She cares for all of her possessions as though they were antique treasures, even special cardboard boxes, so I'll treasure that box for as long as humanly possible. :)

My grandma jan made me an ornament each year until about the time I hit high-school. I loved receiving her little christmas gift in the mail, mainly to see what ornament she had made for me. This elf she made when I was two.


{Jenna Lou Loves You} said...

Thanks for the lovely ornament :D It's hanging happily from my tree!

daisies said...

:) what a fantastic elf ... i too have many handmade ornaments, treasured and loved over the years!

lucy said...

you're welcome jenna lou!

I hope that one day I can make such long-lasting lovely handmade ornaments as well miss daisies.