Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I've been enjoying reading up on my usual and not so usual blogs these last few days, particularly to see what people have discussed around the 2007 year coming to an end and the visions, ideas and resolutions they have for what is to come. this evening I was reading the blog of one of my holiday ornament swappers (the one who made the oh-so-fabulous owl) and she presented her new year resolution, which, is actually an interactive design project called the global tree that will, over the year, beautifully unfold in her effort to promote environmental sustainability in a very creative way. well, you've just got to hop over there and see this blog for yourself. I LOVE this idea and find it very inspiring, which, is why I decided to spread the word about her brilliant little creation here. cheers to you colette for this wonderful project; it's already inspired me!

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Ms Frapcious said...

thanks Lucy! glad i could do some inspiring.