Saturday, February 23, 2008

photobooth friday.

I know, I know...posted on a saturday. anyway, what I love about this strip:

1. the fact that candis is in it!!! (center - surprised me with a visit from chicago for my birthday). she is my favorite part about graduate school at notre dame. most definitely.

2. that carrie is in it with all of her natural photobooth loveliness!!! (far right - great friend of ours from humboldt who now lives in san francisco. also surprised me with a visit for my birthday).

3. that it reminds me of my birthday week-end with these surprise guests and more (hanging outside the photobooth drinking coffee drinks and talking all about interesting things in life).

remembering my birthday week-end just warms my heart and soul.

1 comment:

carrie said...

Lucy! I'm honored to be imortalized on your photobooth friday post...your birthday weekend was so much fun!