Saturday, March 29, 2008

interesting state of denial.

I am desperately trying to convince myself that it is, in fact, not snowing but that the air is filled with millions of little white flower petals blowing all around. so many of them that they're actually shading us from the sun. I guess I need to get with it and just come to terms with the fact that it is freeeezzing outside and that today is not a day that I will get to wear sandals, sunglasses and fun light cottony clothes. it's time for me to embrace this unusual experience of snow in march here in is beautiful after all.

even so, I can't help to close my eyes and think about my dear dear friends over in maui. candis and joe, from chicago, are over visiting candis' parents (who, we adore) and they are doing all sorts of fun sunny warm things. I guarantee they are wearing sandals, sunglasses and light cottony clothes. I'm almost tempted to call on the magic carpet again, BUT, I won't. I'm co-hostessing a baby shower for another dear friend of mine, amber, and I'm very excited about a few of the little activities we've put together, which, I'll photograph and share here probably tomorrow.

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