Saturday, April 5, 2008

randomness of today.

1. last night I dreamt that I baked mini-cupcakes. I haven't baked cupcakes in 10 years.

2. I recently came across this blog and l.o.v.e. it.

3. when I was little I had pet chickens; a rooster named peepers and a hen named tulip. I picked them out of a big bin at the farm supply store...they were fuzzy little chicks and lived in a box under a warm lamp and would hang out in my lap most of the time. peepers eventually turned mean, chased me across the yard, pecked at my skinny little legs, and ended up on the dinner table in a big 'ol pot of chicken 'n dumplings (despite my heavy protest...yes, this gave me some issues to work through). tulip remained sweet and would follow me around and when I would sit in a chair outside she would hop up on my lap. at the time it was no big thing to have a grown chicken hanging out in my lap, but, now as an adult it would catch my eye as an unusual sight.

4. went to the adam arnold spring collection fashion show at design within reach last night, met some interesting people, fell in love with the striped cotton margaret dress, and decided that I need to a. go to design within reach more often and b. go to fashion shows more often.

5. am looking forward to painting my nails with my new magnifico mexico polish.

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