Tuesday, April 8, 2008

two things I'm looking forward to...

...this summer. well, there are a million...no trillion things I'm looking forward to this summer, however, right at this moment two are on my mind so I'll share. note general theme = looking forward to hot!

1. hot afternoon runs. now, don't get me wrong, my speed of 'run' is a very sloooow jog and I don't go very far, BUT, I have the ability to psyche myself into thinking that I'm running really fast, sprinting more like, with the help of the music on my ipod. I like running when it is hot out, I like running up hill, and I like the way walking feels after I've finished my run.

2. drinking ice cold beer on a hot evening while listening to the birds end their day. when we lived in cincinnati we would listen to the cardinals, more of a spring thing, but they had a very sweet song. here in portland I like to listen to the crows and doves. I also like to listen to the breeze blow through the trees. it warms my heart and reminds me of camping in northern california.

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