Friday, May 16, 2008

sunshine and a birthday wish.

this weather has me trying to convince myself that I could make a lovely living as a gardner of some sort and last night's cupcake baking had me trying to convince myself that I could make a living as a cupcake baker of some sort.

today is my best friend, mandy's, 30th birthday and we're throwing a party (hence the cupcake baking)! she has a lot of great things going on in her life and I'm so excited to see what her 30th year has in store. my fingers are crossed that it includes a little warm weather getaway with lucy! no need for warm weather getaway's going to be sunny and hot...perfect for mandy. so, with that, my birthday wish for mandy is that her first summer in her 30's is filled with fun, belly laughs that make her eyes water, love, all kinds of sunshiny warmness, inspiration, painted toes, sundresses, sweet treats, sunhats, new found hobbies that make her want to rethink her job, new friends, old friends, warm evenings out and about around portland, sunsets, sunrises, and of course, great, great food. xxo!

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