Sunday, June 1, 2008

ciao may!

I decided to bid buon viaggio to may 2008 by making a little rustic italian dinner. I was in the mood for something fresh but warm comfort given that it's still cold and kinda rainy outside so I decided to go with a halibut stew over pan fried polenta. I grew up with italian stews and polenta so this definitely meets my definition of comfort. OH...I was also influenced to make something comforting given that greg was away for most of the week and on a flight home from kansas city. I had SO much fun and this experience definitely brought me home in so many ways...making a grocery list and being all official in the grocery store, cooking all day, listening to music, drinking wine, chopping onions until my eyes watered and chopping fresh garlic and herbs which always always always takes me home to family,

stirring until my arms were sore and the thick creamy polenta would bubble a hot little pop out of the pan onto my hand every time I would pause,

being barefoot,

taking a break to go outside,

coming back into the house with the incredible smell of slow cooking,

making pretty little flower arrangements for the table and around the house,

getting a sp in for the may self portrait challenge -- fresh (fresh out of the shower finishing up a dinner using all sorts of fresh ingredients),

and finally, plating it up to enjoy.

now I think it's time for some left over polenta with fried egg and a little parmesan on top and a hot cup of coffee.

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