Sunday, August 31, 2008

buon giorno riviera!

after arriving on the late night crazy train (literally! if you've ever been on the italian riviera trains you'll know there a little crazy, especially during european holiday) and carrying our bags up a narrow alley of a million stairs resembling something straight from dr. seuess's imagination, waking up to see the sun shine on colorful little vernazza was spectacular and refreshing. we were glad to leave the bags in our room, ditch the train and take the day to hike from one little colorful fishing village to the next.
a view looking back at vernazza from the trail.
corniglia and the solidification of my love affair with italian doors.
riomaggiore and then back to vernazza for a nap.

we topped off the day enjoying dinner of grilled octopus with potatoes and fresh herbs, anchovies drizzled with olive oil and lemon, fresh pasta tossed with tomato goodness and a sweet chocolate ending accompanied by a little caffe and a sunset, naturally.


Shannon said...

So jealous! Your pictures are so beautiful!

simplyolive said...

...and riomaggiore!
(it's funny how some of my photos resemble yours. i am dying to go back to italy.)