Saturday, September 27, 2008

if I could count the ways... which I loved you tuscany, I would. although, I would go on forever and ever and ever and all of your delicious secrets would be out. there are a few things, though, that I just can't keep to myself...

your doors...I could spend forever with your doors,
the way your little cars tempted I could just pick them up and put them in my pocket,
your olives. everything about your olives,
your sunflowers and the way they couldn't hide their love for you either,
watching people find their way around your hilltowns, dancing almost, in those stone streets and alleyways,
your grass and the way it shines in the hot sun...oh! and the smell, I will never forget that sweet smell,

giancarlo, all of his delicious creations, hospitality, and the way he shares his way of life at podere spedalone with his guests,
you and him...together in the quiet warm air waiting patiently for the sun to set.

1 comment:

simplyolive said...

loving your tuscany photos!
i spent 2 weeks there, and it was heaven!!!