Monday, November 17, 2008

waaaaaay back.

my head is back in a time of foot shaped donuts that we would eat toe by toe, making the best mixed tapes on earth, walking through those vineyards talking about nothing and everything under the sun, using the roof as a diving board, having the most ridiculous hair-do's, cutting our own hair, piercing our own ears, wearing make-up consisting of blue and pink eye shadow and blue mascara, swapping clothes so much that it was hard to figure out whose belonged to who, walking home after school to make the tastiest food and listen to said best mixed tapes on earth, laughing so hard that it became something totally other than a laugh at some point, talking on the phone for hours and hours and hours, sleepovers and even better, school-night sleepovers, playing games until late hours of the night, passing notes in class that were folded up like little origami, eating spoonfuls of kool-aid whenever we could get our hands on it, making, giving and receiving friendship bracelets, wearing the break apart heart best friends neclace, wearing socks that resembled legwarmers, socks that so brilliantly coordinated with our shirts and earrings - usually pastels or neon - wearing them two pairs at a time with jeans tucked in, oh...and cannot forget side ponytails. will not forget...ever. happy birthday dear friend...everyday I think of you.