Sunday, December 21, 2008

a little list of things...

that I treasured about fall this year...

  • spending all day cooking thanksgiving dinner with my mom in our house. it's been a while and I loved every moment of it.

  • meeting our friends new little baby boy...and getting to take a few pictures of him and his big brother.

  • stepping outside to see spiders and their glorious webs.

  • walking to farmers market on sunny cold sunday mornings.

  • spending the 10th fall with the love of my life and taking our first stroll through central park in new york city.

  • hitting up little art sales, picking up all sorts of little treasures.

  • and lastly...that it decided to go out with a bang...a big snowy, frosty, wear big boots, bundle up, drink lots of hot coffee drinks, no driving, bang!

1 comment:

curious girl (lisa) said...

beautiful list of loveliness!

I especially love the photo at the market.