Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the simple things.

today, not much unlike the past week or so, has been all about the simple things.

even though I would LOVE to get in the car and drive it...anywhere really, I'm SO loving not being able to. it reminds me of being in europe. we're busy and exhausted. busy, hiking down and up the hill in the snow and ice to get to the market, hitting up a few local restaurants for some food and drink, making all kinds of food at home, keeping up the house, taking public transit downtown, snoozing by the fire, listening to music, taking pictures, making lists and planning all sorts of fun things to do. one of those things is to spend more time without the car. yes it is.


Smith Family said...

I truly adore your blog!! I am so glad I discovered it. Happy Holidays and enjoy the White Christmas!

lucy said...

thank you dana! happy holidays to you guys as well! xxo

Nessie Noodle said...

beautiful shots lucy! love the pink yin-yang bowl!

enjoy your holiday (and all that snow!)

lucy said...

thank you vanessa!!! the pink bowl was definitely love at first sight...it was a gift from my mom while she was visiting us in november.

happy holidays to you as well!