Saturday, January 3, 2009

the long way home.

had breakfast this morning at bijou...I think this might just be my favorite breakfast in the city. I decided to take the long way home, which, involved grabbing an americano next door and spending a few minutes admiring gretchen vaudt's "going home" exhibit, driving across the river and back, making a stop here to pick up one of these and letting the fog draw me up here.


Anonymous said...

I love all your adventures! =)

Soon, Then said...

I had forgotten about bijou... We love to go out to breakfast and seem to ed up at the same places over and over. Lovely photos!

Amber said...

Love the pics :) Looking forward to getting together again sometime soon! Hope you guys had a great New Year's!

Nessie Noodle said...

we are working on a tirp to Portland sometime this spring (hubby's bff is up there) So I am going to have to hit you up for places to visit!

love the binocular photo- the blue is beautiful.

andrea said...

goodness, the photos. so dreamy. must try bijou. soon, so very soon.

happy new year to you, friend! happy happy!