Thursday, August 6, 2009

alaska...seriously, I love you.

and I thank you for luring me away from my daily. between you and these photos I feel as though I could easily convince myself to buy an old rusty in all the right places truck, a plot of land and get to it. no really, I already have a list of fruits and veggies I would grow and animals I would raise.


Amber said...

Wow Lucy, did you really catch a shot of that whale!? It's fun to have your mom's hands in the pictures too :) Such gorgeous shots!

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

these are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos.
Isn't Alaska such an enchanting place?

where were you visitng?

lucy said...

thanks v!

alaska is a treasure.

my parents have a place in klawock out on prince of whales island.

Smith Family said...

Beautiful pics. I have been missing your posts of cool pics.

Erin said...

i heart alaska too! i am just lucky enough to live here!! you got some great weather...lucky lucy
thanks for updating your blog. always have loved your pics

Erin said...

hey, just checked out grass doe...what is that sight?
it has beautiful pics

lucy said...

erin! I was thinking of you when I posted these pics. we were so lucky with the weather.

grass doe...amazing photos, I completely agree. i picked up the link from another blog, I don't know who it is but am thankful that they keep sharing pictures. :)

mydeerfriend said...

Beautiful set of photographs! :)