Thursday, October 14, 2010

more on syd.

hyde park
james, aka the official aussie citizen, aka one of my favorite peoples. my very very very favorite part of hanging with james is laughing with him. hands down. people watching in hyde park along with the brilliant photo display.
mr. bo jangles
happening upon mr. bo jangles, full of smiles, admiring the photo taken of him as part of said brilliant photo display.
flying solo in sydney for a few days while greg was visiting coworkers in adelaide meant riding buses to neighborhoods lined with boutiques and coffee shops and walking, lots and lots of walking. and pretty much the best cherry chocolate chip muffin ever. so good so, that I consumed it entirely before even having a thought to take its picture.


mydeerfriend said...

So many beautiful things...!

I wish I'd stumbled across a lomo shop in Sydney, how charming! If you get a chance to visit Melbourne, Brunswick Street is great for quirky shopping x

Jimmy said...

how did I miss this posting? I am so glad I got to see you kids when you came through! xx