Thursday, December 13, 2007


we've finally hooked ourselves up with wireless internet! woo hoo! why oh why didn't we do this before?! getting online meant sitting awkwardly in the very corner of our bedroom underneath the window to hop on the neighbor's wireless (thanks CL & Leigh!) although the distance between our houses made the connection very poor and when they went away to hawaii for a week, we were without even that. we did have cable internet all along, however, it meant unplugging everything from the wall and booting and rebooting computers because, well, not really sure why -- something about the internet compatibility with greg's computer differing from mine. anyway it was a pain but the wireless is here now and we have affectionately named it humboldt (greg and I met while attending humboldt state in northern california) and I am thrilled...although...I've turned into one of those people I've always thought strangely about. I'm watching TV and am online at the same time. it's the seinfeld festivus episode and between sentences I'm laughing about festivus feats of strength, festivus miracles and the human fund. still, it's strange and I should be reading, but, I'm letting myself be taken away by convenient entertainment.

OH...lastly - I received a few more ornaments from the swap. I'm overjoyed with delight when opening each one.


Nessie Noodle said...

hey! I went to humboldt for a semester and two of my best friends were up there for their entire college careers...
hmm, wonder if there is any connection. Aracata isn't that big!

lucy said...

aaahhh! oh my gosh, how fun is this...I'm going to email you. :)