Tuesday, December 18, 2007

our new addition.

my mom and step dad were here this week-end on their way back to montana. their visit was such a gift in so many ways. we laughed, visited about friends, family, gardening and books, looked at pictures and old ornaments, cooked, ate delicious food, watched a few movies, and did a little shopping.

they brought us a bottle of wine from northern california, some homemade olives and a bag of handpicked dried italians from my great uncle and aunt, mario & maxine. what more could you ask for...wine, olives and treasured mushrooms! well, there's more...my mom brought me old family pictures and they thoughtfully gifted us a 1950's floor lamp for christmas. we are in looove with the lamp and are so delighted to have this addition to our living space! ever since I can remember, my mom has gifted me with the most thoughtful and fantastic treasures each year. some of the most memorable (I only wish I still had all of these items in my possession!) were a little purple radio with their tape in my stocking; of course...one of these; a my little pony barn; a pair of these; oh...one of these; and a swatch watch with a one pink and one green band that I wore upside down because I saw everyone wear their watches upside down when I went to the world's fair in vancouver b.c.. MOST of all, she has gifted me with everlasting sweet sweet love and I am SO thankful!

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Nessie Noodle said...

I have a little secret, I had the my little pony barn in my possession until last summer- um, that was one of my all time favorite christmas gifts. (wait, maybe it is still in the garage...shh!)