Saturday, December 29, 2007

lost in a sea of christmas trees.

I'm SO ready to take down the christmas tree, however, no time today. greg, the dogs and I are headed up to mt. hood to go snow shoeing and enjoy some cabin life with some great friends of ours. I haven't been to their cabin yet, but, I'm picturing a cozy warm glow that I can't wait to jump into.

anyway, this morning I stumbled onto this fabulous blog with this picture in a recent posting linking back to a fun little french blog that I can't understand but it's very cute. it also got me thinking about a goal of mine to learn to speak italian and how great it would be to find a fun italian blog to read regularly.


Nessie Noodle said...

happy new year lucy!
may it be filled with good!

Me! said...

Lucy- I LOVE your blog.. such an inspiration to what I wish my blog could be- a true reflection of you! Happy New Year to you and Greg!!

lucy said...

happy new year to you too vanessa!!!

lisa, thank you SO much for the kind words, you are too sweet. I feel very humbled by this blogging world and feel as though my blog is quite pale in comparison to these brilliant artists, writers, photographers, inspirations seekers and sharers and fashion and food enthusiasts I've stumbled upon. I can only hope that some of the great talent that I'm running into will rub off onto me. I love reading your blog btw...all those great little moments you are capturing with your kids in both pictures and words...those will be treasures for years to come! happy new year to you, trev, caden and hailey!