Monday, December 31, 2007

happy new year's eve!

well, we made it up to the cabin and five minutes later I was back in the truck taking the dogs back into town because my little banana nose was showing signs of a bladder infection (excessive peeing with no pee) and I needed to get her to the vet. anyway, 4 hours and $200 later we (me and the dogs) were home and I was ready for a beer. I can't complain because in my ten and a half years with this now old girl she has been in very good health (surprising for a basset...our other dog is a black lab named coral). Anyway, I left greg up there because no sense in us both sitting and waiting in the vet watching our little bean bean shake and worry herself into a little don knotts character. yes, as you may have guessed, we have a bunch of ridiculous nick names for this dog (officially named cyenna...after the burnt sienna crayon but I rebelliously and half creatively changed up the spelling in my early college days). I learned very early on in her puppy hood that hounds are the most stubborn breed of dog that ever lived so it was very foolish of me to create a name greater than two syllables, regardless, I believe that no matter what you name a hound dog you have to possess some kind of voodoo magic in order to get them to come when you call them. Believe me, I've spent many a time at the beach or in the woods calling out "cookie??" just to try to persuade her. Ya...another little factoid about hound dogs...they're not as stupid as people think. I've concluded that they are likely one of the more intelligent of dog much so that they've brilliantly convinced everyone of their doofy stupidness. She always knew when I didn't have a cookie and there were times when she actually stopped in her tracks towards some poor relaxed picnicking couple to look back at me, think about the possibility of the cookie and the consequences, let me get just out of her reach and with a little devilish glare in her eye take off like a little bat out of hell to go and bound all around these poor poor souls just trying to enjoy some peace in the great outdoors. Another little factoid about basset hounds...they're not as slow and lazy as people think. at least mine isn't. she's so speedy and with that low center of gravity can dodge my every attempt to lasso her. that coupled with the stubbornness has made for some hideous lucy moments along the way. BUT...I love her with all of my heart and am so glad she's feeling better. I missed out on the cabin but there will always be a next time. In addition, if I would have been at the cabin I might have missed out on running into that great orange volvo, pictured above. I also thought in my alone time (which, I treasure BTW) that I would share 5 random facts about myself:

1. I'm an only child (which, I believe, is why I so enjoy alone time with me, myself and I).

2. Leigh and Mandy, if you're reading this you're going to laugh. I have this weird way with books. Reading a book to me is not only the experience of reading it but is also very much the experience of feeling the book, the cover, the pages, the weight, the binding, and definitely the smell of the inside. I also, in a very obsessive compulsive way, like books to appear and feel unused and unread, when I begin and even after I'm done reading them. I'm SO careful not to hastily throw them in my bag, drop or over bend them while reading (sometimes becomes difficult when it's late at night and I'm really into the passage and trying to stay comfortably propped on my pillows), but, nonetheless. OH...and I prefer matte finish covers over glossy as glossy tends to accumulate fingerprints. Actually I prefer hard cover most of all because I like to take off the sleeve and see and feel the canvas and hard cover usually has a better paper quality inside which I like to feel with every page turn. I have friends who actually prefer books to have the well read beached look and feel, barely held together and full of little *gasp* dog ears where they or someone before them have held their place over the course. So this quirk of mine was recently put to the test when my dear dear friend, Leigh, handed me her copy of "eat pray love" to read for our upcoming book club meeting. This book was in great condition, particularly, since I believe it journeyed with them on their recent trip to hawaii. Anyway, in my attempt to dive in on saturday night I could not for the life of me read without angst. It's like little used book gnats enter my head and flutter about so much so that I can't comprehend what I'm reading. sick and ridiculous, I know. so, I went to powells yesterday and found a "like new" used copy and can't put it down. this is quite the dilemma for me because I looooooove hand me downs and used thrifted items but struggle with this book situation. I've had luck with powells though. It takes me a while but I can generally find a used book in new condition and then I'm the happiest camper of all. :)

3. I like to eat peanut butter and sweet pickle relish sandwiches. Have ever since I can remember. and now, I find them to go perfectly with an ice cold beer.

4. I am a fanatic about seeing things in a new light. I love to be inspired to see something extraordinary in something I previously viewed as ordinary. love.

5. I don't consider myself religious in the western sense of the term but feel that I am a very spiritual person. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and that life is but a mural of brilliant coincidences that weave together to lead us to what is meant to be. I often see these coincidences as signs from a greater power and take some of the most random little moments as roadsigns on my path in this life. moments that would otherwise just pass me by, but, instead they radiate in my mind and throughout my body. anyway, I'm too shy to share them here and now, but, will...another time.

I'm wishing everyone a happy happy new year filled with love, inspiration, fun and most of all sweet sweet life. xxo

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Unha said...

that book is fun, isn't it? just read during my vacation in palm beach.

and happy bday! 30s rock!