Saturday, January 26, 2008

30 things I want to do in my 30th year.

so inspired by her listmaking, I decided to do one of my own. so here it goes...

  1. learn to speak a little italian.
  2. plan my perfect trip to italy and maybe even go.
  3. perfect the made from scratch margarita.
  4. make a pinata.
  5. explore a new city.
  6. learn to make a new dish, maybe to compliment the perfect margarita.
  7. read a lot. definitely want to read this classic.
  8. grow some vegetables.
  9. make something to put on the wall...painting...collage maybe.
  10. host a really fun party.
  11. watch at least 6 foreign films in at least 6 different theaters.
  12. learn how to really use this camera.
  13. take on a new photo project.
  14. see the film, "millions" by danny boyle.
  15. explore something new about portland.
  16. take my yoga practice to the next level. what that may be is unknown, but, very exciting to me.
  17. learn some origami (aside from the little boat I can make with my chopstick wrappers to hold my chopsticks)
  18. hit some new coffee shops with greg as part of a new sunday routine. not a lot of talking...mainly reading, writing, drawing, observing...just together and out of the house...and quiet.
  19. host a celebration for our dear friends tony and amber who are expecting their first child in may...a boy.
  20. complete this assignment straight out of 52 projects...what does the number thirty mean to you?
  21. go to a film festival. SIFF maybe?
  22. discover and learn about a new, painting, photography, anything really.
  23. find or make greg a really great gift.
  24. take on some fun projects with haley and gillian (neighbor girls from the old neighborhood).
  25. make an entire meal with ingredients purchased at farmers market.
  26. spend more time in the multnomah county libraries maybe to do some research on my #22. walk to the one in our neighborhood and maybe go check out the sunday cinema classics in the st. john location.
  27. go see at least 5 plays in at least 3 different play houses. (maybe tie this in with #24).
  28. go camping this summer! preferably in northern california. maybe along the salmon river to meet up with my family for the annual camp trip. OR along the eel, possibly to participate in this festival. the last time I went to this festival I was in college and it was called reggae on the river.'s been a while but it's fabulousness still sits so vividly in my soul.'s about that time to go back - particularly because one of my closest friends from home (who I definitely don't see enough of) goes every year and what would be better than being there with her in our 30th year of life...not much.
  29. introduce color and drawings into my moleskin. up until now it's been black ink and all words. it's about that time to change it up.
  30. hmmm...loving this list making thing SO much that my 30th thing I want to do is make another list...for 31.


Bob the HumBlogger said...

Hi Lucy,
I found your blog this morning, not quite by accident. I have a Google alert set for the phrase "Reggae on the River" because I live in Humboldt and make my living writing about the music scene here (among other things) -- Reggae is part of my beat. Your use of the phrase generated an e-mail with a link. It turns out its kind of circular, since your Reggae on the River link goes to my music column from a few days before Reggae Rising, where I laid out a brief history of the battle swirling around the festival. I wish I could say that's all behind us now, but it isn't. The dueling parties go to court Monday -- both sides have been paying a flock of lawyers to sort things out and the division remains. The peace and love hippies who created the event are at each others throats. C'est la vie.
Anyway, I like your little blog. Happy birthday next week. Hope you get through your list. I appreciate the fact that it's not overly ambitious, well, aside from "maybe" going to Italy. Want some inspiration? Here's some pix from our Italian vacation:

all the best - Bob

lucy said...

haha...bob, just in case you check back to your comments, my husband greg knows you. he read the comment and was like...wait a minute...I KNOW HIM!! he's the greg that had ripe productions down in humboldt, oh, let's see about 10 years ago. small world! I sent you a flickr mail. :) thanks for the info and the inspiration to turn my maybe italy trip to a must italy trip!!!

jonesfamily said...

I love your list, You inspire me to make one too, Sadly I have been 30 for over a month..LOL..I need to get crackin'!


Ms Frapcious said...

this is a great list. i feel like i've been doing the same things for the last year so this list has given me some pointers about how to break the cycle.(love the 52 projects site by the way) maybe i'll start with a handmade birthday present...

andrea said...

bursting at the seams with so much good. love it, I do. :)

lucy said...

thank you all SO much for the kind words!!!

d. - it's never too late to make a list of your own!!! :D

Regan said...

Hi Lucy,
In order to move you closer to number 3 on your list, here is my favorite made-from-scratch margarita recipe. It's all about the homemade simple sugar and a high-end tequila. Enjoy!

2 shots tequila
1 shot simple sugar
1 shot cointreau
1 shot lime

Shake well, then pour over ice and a salted-rim glass. To make the simple sugar, pour 2 cups sugar and one cup of water into a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, add the zest of one lime, and boil until all sugar is dissolved. Take off heat and cool.