Sunday, January 27, 2008

soosy and dwed.

on saturday afternoon, greg and I went to stumptown over on s.e. division to do a little reading and coffee drink drinking. it was the perfect weather for such an activity and I was delighted to find myself hooked on my new read and was even more delighted to find a quote to share in the third chapter.

"children aren't coloring books. you don't get to fill them in with your favorite colors" - khaled hosseini

shawn and hilary and little cole (great friends of ours here in portland) invited us to dinner at their place on saturday night. going to their place is always great but this time was especially sweet. the little meister is learning his letters, numbers and words. mom and dad taught him how to say our names, which, was SUCH a fun surprise! soosy and dwed. haha....just when we thought this little guy couldn't get any more cute he had to go and say our names. he is such a little sponge...big time. we (being childless) have to really pay attention and watch what we say. it seems like every other word would be echoed from whatever direction cole was in. not that we're potty mouths, but, you know. anyway, it's very cool to see the little person he's turning out to be.

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Nessie Noodle said...

I pretty much fell in love with Stumptown coffee when I was in Portland this summer. yu-um!