Monday, January 21, 2008

celebration of life.

whether it be dr. martin luther king jr., another influential individual or a loved one, today I am reminded that each day is a celebration of life, a day to live, love, give, experience, interpret, and connect. I am in awe at what we as human beings can accomplish in our lifetime and beyond. I attended a celebration of life service on saturday over in bend for an individual who I had never met and who passed a week ago yesterday in a skiing accident. I went in support of his older brother, who, I work for and think very highly of. the service was so moving, full of pictures, music and personal stories and captured the wonderful spirit of this 26 year old who did nothing short of living life to its fullest. I feel grateful to have experienced this service and to have my life touched by his spirit and can only imagine how thankful his wife, family and friends must feel to have known him in life and can only imagine how much they will dearly miss him.

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