Tuesday, January 22, 2008

vegan fare.

yesterday after practice down at yoga pearl I decided, as I often do, to order some lunch and check out what was on the soft serve menu at blossoming lotus. this is by far our favorite vegan restaurant in portland and if you're ever in the area I highly recommend popping in for a taste test. yesterday, the soft serve was my favorite flavor -- chocolate almond. yum pretty much sums it up AND even better that its vegan. I had high hopes to go out and take all sorts of pictures yesterday all over town but found myself taking only a few really -- here and at home. I don't know...I was in that kind of "life goes on" reflective mode vs. the "take life on" action mode I had hoped I would find myself in.

I'm inspired by the fact that I'm turning 30 in 10 days and have been thinking a lot about what it is I would like to do in my 30th year. I have a few ideas in mind and am thinking I'll get them all nice and organized and write them all out. I'm doing a lot of consultation with the 52 projects book and am looking forward to getting them all nicely listed here on le blog. having them decided on and listed will definitely help me take action. sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with so many things I would like to accomplish that I can't even get started on one.

lastly...we recently visited one of my favorite theaters twice to enjoy some pizza, wine and movies. the darjeeling limited (love this movie. love wes anderson.) and lars and the real girl (funny, sincere, uplifting and down to earth). both were great and come highly recommended.

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Ms Frapcious said...

i love reading your blog, it's like a little bit of yoga on the web. i know what you mean about that reflective mood;sometimes it can be just as enjoyable watching what other people are doing as doing it yourself. kind of like a little mental fueling before taking on the next task. 52 projects sounds like a great book, and Portland seems like an awesome city.