Thursday, January 10, 2008

in between.

am feeling a bit in between on things....random ridiculous things. way too unimportant in the grand scheme but are still fogging my thoughts a bit. for instance, I can't decide on how I would like to have my hair, what to have for lunch, dinner, what to wear, what to listen to on my itunes, what book to read next (just finished a GREAT book - Middlesex), what to plan for the week-end, where to go take some pictures. if I had a video camera following me this week I wouldn't be at all surprised if I was found to be walking in circles. I've concluded that I'm over thinking things and probably need to get out of town -- somewhere where the sun shines. maybe it's that my 30th birthday is next month...although I haven't felt too strange about that...more excited really. maybe it's that next month will be the one year mark for my yoga practice.'re starting to get a taste of this in-betweenness that I've been working with this week. :)

oh...there was one cool thing that did happen. I had a vision of a painting or collage that I would like to create. I was in the final resting shavasana pose in yoga and my mind was clear and rested, especially after the 1 and a half hours of practice and it just kind of came to me. it was somewhat ironic because at that point I usually try to let my thoughts go but this one I definitely wanted to hang onto. this might possibly be my next fun little world to stumble into.


Lisa! said...

Hi Lucy!
can't wait to see your fun new little world ;-)

Jimmy said...

L - I don't think you are alone in this... seems, to use the old cliche, "something is in the air" (even down in the southwest pacific)... I have a feeling 2008 is going to be a huge year for many of us - we just have to be ready for it... sounds like you are already starting to feel/see that... run with it girl (just don't trip on the scarf!) - xxJ