Wednesday, January 9, 2008

it's early.

life is just beginning to stir out there. mostly truckers, I think, trying to get through the city before the morning commuters. my head is a bit blurry but if I go back to sleep, waking up again (on time) will be like torture. at just about 6:30 my bed will be the most comfortable place on planet earth, and beyond, and I will be trying to convince myself that another hour of fantastic sleep and enjoyment of the cozy pillowy goodness will be worth the fog that will hover around me for the first half of the day and the fact that I will have to park far far away upon arriving late to work. I've decided to fore go the torture for today and make a steamy hot pot of coffee and catch up on some world news.

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Shannon said...

Hi lucy, I didn't know you were a blogger too! One more for me to check each day, how exciting!