Sunday, January 6, 2008

thinking green.

inspired by this project, I've decided to begin regular postings about thinking green. greg and I love food and, even more so, love it to be healthy, natural, local and organic. I came across this great site, called local harvest that I thought I would share. this site contains a national directory of small farms, farmers markets and other local food sources. it's user friendly and carries a wealth of information. also, I was browsing this great newly found blog (thanks to global tree) and found the link to baggu bags. these are perfect if I might say so myself and SUCH a better alternative to plastic or paper and, hello, who wouldn't want to carry around a few of these lovely colorful totes!? even better, they conveniently fold up to nothing so you can just stick them in your purse wherever you go. this will be good for me because I'm always forgetting my canvas bags when I go to the store so am forced to either juggle my goodies in my arms or go with the paper option. I'm already thinking of what else, other than groceries I can tote around with one of these. I'm fanatic about big colorful totes! happy savvy green shopping!!! :D


Ms Frapcious said...

I haven't done any sewing in a while but I was thinking about making a funky cloth grocery bag.
I'm going to try to drive less this year.

Jimmy said...

its good Jahj - the aussies are all about using these kind of bags and not using plastic... just glad its finally starting to catch up on in america... lead us in the revolution sister *smile*!!!

lucy said...

ms frapcious - I would love to see your funky cloth grocery bag...I imagine it will be very cool.

j.j. - just one more reason to love australia! :D