Sunday, February 10, 2008

green line.

this month marks the 31st portland international film festival. I made a stop by the photobooth yesterday, grabbed a coffee and read through the newspaper insert. a few of the flicks that caught my eye:

xxy (argentina)

a gentle breeze in the village (japan)

flight of the red balloon (taiwan)

my brother is an only child (italy)

priceless (france)

no definite plans to see any of these...yet.

for now, I am exhausted in a really good way. I went to practice yesterday and today down at yoga pearl, had some tasty vegan food (the soft serve was chocolate mint) and am feeling tired in all of my muscles. this afternoon I have thank you cards to write, a little laundry to do and one of my favorite movies to watch. yes, it's definitely a day for the royal tenenbaums. I just loooooove it with all of its matter o factedness.

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Ms Frapcious said...

sounds like a marvelous film festival! The original Red Balloon was one of my childhood favorites(a visual delight for a very young child). We have some great international films that play at the High Art Museum here in Atlanta.

hmmm, but i might just end up in the Pacific Northwest--was looking at jobs in Seattle today.