Wednesday, February 6, 2008

waiting patiently.

I'm waiting patiently like these little fliers on this window sill. see, greg gave me the best birthday gift ever - a big 'ol surprise 30th birthday party. I just loved it with all of my still on surprise party high really and have been so excited to tell all about it. our portland friends were all together (something we've been wanting to do for a while) AND friends came from across the country -- candis and joe from chicago, jeff from cincinnati, carrrie and ciccio from san francisco, my mom from montana. the party took place at the newly renovated grand central bowl in se portland...very swanky cool place and was just so full of love and laughs. all of these people all together to celebrate my birthday...I was so touched. my mom took so many wonderful pictures and is going to download and send my way (why I'm waiting patiently).

oh and btw...if you're in portland you should head down to stumptown on sw 3rd...they have a great display of artwork and magazines.


Ms Frapcious said...

pictures are the best. i must have taken thousands of them when my kids were little.
hope you get them soon!!!!!

Jimmy said...

Jajhie - a party? can only imagine how fabu it was... sorry I missed the celebrations - I hope I get to see you and the dirty sanchez down under soon! xxJ Joseph

carrie said...

hey! it was absolutely, perfect and wonderful too be there for your 30th. can't wait to come back to portland.