Sunday, March 23, 2008

elements of therapy.

it is always challenging for us to come back down to earth after a long stretch of craziness, as evidenced by this week-end. I find that we're both a little more irritable, detached and self focused. however, I did manage to find myself in some simple practices of therapy, which, have helped me through the week-end, so I'll share:

1. pulled together a few blog entries, here and here.

2. made it to two of my favorite yoga classes down at yp yesterday and today. I practice under the same instructor on both days, which, I love and I find that she makes an effort to connect the two classes and she always has a certain element of focus. this week-end's classes were all about grounding through your feet...couldn't have been more perfect.

3. took some pics.

4. enjoyed finding the space between my thoughts during pre-yoga meditation.

5. prepared dinner for greg and I. burgers with all the fixins and sweet potato fries on the side. simple and tasty. I know this may sound ordinary, however, if you know greg you know that I don't do the cooking. I think cooking is his #1 passion so it is not often that he isn't in the mood to take charge in the kitchen. I saw a little window of opportunity and took it.

6. pulled together some fun little vases and arranged a lovely bunch of flowers that I picked up at the market.

7. oh, lastly, one word: coffee.


Lisa said...

Hi Lucy!
SO glad you are back to blogging, I missed reading about your world (and seeing your AMAZING photos.) Happy Easter to you and Greg!

Nessie Noodle said...

isn't it amazing how a good yoga teacher can always do a class to hit exactly what you need. it blows my mind each and every time.

sounds like a really nice weekend.

Ms Frapcious said...

what i wouldn't give for some sweet potato fries right now!