Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

for me, easter has always been one of those holidays that I didn't quite understand the religious meaning (I was raised in a free spirited environment). however, what it did mean to me was family, friendship, food (I grew up in an italian family so EVERY gathering involved food...really, really, good food), togetherness, wildflowers, and being outside (weather is wonderful this time of year in northern california). all of these elements brought a sense of peace, clarity and warmth. we would always get together with my cousins, aunts and uncles, great aunt and uncle and when I was really young, grandparents and great grandmother rosie, who we all called nonie. nonie moved to northern california from northern italy when she was a young girl and I was so fortunate to know her for the first 12 or so years of my life. she met my great grandpa larenzo (pop), who, was also from northern italy, and the rest is well, history, present and future. nonie was a devout catholic, which, is probably why we gathered for easter. she was amazing in the kitchen and was very proud of her home country and her family. I will never forget the smell of rosemary and garlic in her home and I will never forget her beautiful accent nor her strong hugs and big kisses.

so, this day, I am sending wishes of family, friendship, togetherness, comforting food, peace, clarity and warmth. oh...and strong hugs, big kisses and lovely wildflowers. xxo.


Nessie Noodle said...

it's all about new beginnings- doesn't matter if you are peagan or christian- that is what I love :)
enjoy the day!

Ms Frapcious said...

for me easter always meant bright purple pickled eggs. when i was younger and my family made the trek across the Susquehanna river into New Jersey, the first thing i did when i got to my grandmother's house was make a mad dash for the fridge and make sure i found the extra large mayonnaise jar filled with pickled eggs. i knew those eggs had been marinating in purple pickled beet juice for at least three days. i'd reach for the jar; unscrew it; scoop out an egg; and take a big bite so i could marvel at the lemon yellow center surrounded by that marvelous sweet-tart purple.