Tuesday, July 8, 2008

lucky me!

somehow, someway I have a subscription to lucky magazine and I don't know how it happened. I'm in my fourth issue and so far, I'm loving it. one of my favorite sections is where they feature cute little boutique shops in different cities....one of the recent issues featured atlanta and so made me want to make a visit. a visit to shops like luxe atlanta, bill hallman: flaunt, beehive co-op, and shopSCAD just to name a few. so, I'm sending a big big thank you for this gift, thank you for all of the inspiration, new fashions, new cities, new make-up, new hair-do's, new beauty secrets! i feel lucky, yes i do!


Amber said...

Fun! Someone just recommended Lucky to me today, but I've never read it. I'll have to pick it up now. :)

jonesfamily said...

Your so funny..Lucky and Instyle are my favorite fashion mags. I get so happy to get them in the mail!
One mag I just got had a bunch of boutiques in Portland..but I cannot remember which magazine it was!!